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Petrol station
Tyre service
Car wash

Petrol station

100.000 + litres of quality

We used to purchase of diesel for our own vehicles until we decided to open petrol station for public. We offer high quality diesel and gasoline distributed by renowned distributors for fair prices in self tank regime.

Non – Stop Service

We use automatic self service machine OCTOMAT, which accepts cash, credit cards, customer cards.

This solution enables fast flow and non – stop service


A part of the petrol station is a tyre service shop equiped with carlift 4t, air pump, dismatling and balancing machine.

We offer :

  • Exchange of tyres (S/W)
  • Sale of tyres
  • Repairing of tyres
  • Storage of tyres


Next to the  petrol station are 2 wash boxes equipped with coin machine (10 a 20 CZK) and car wash technology from firm Šebesta s.r.o. and powerfull vacuum cleaner (10 CZK/5 min.) which enables cleaning of 2 cars at the same time.

Washing water is osmotic treated – deminaralized, such water contains minimum of solved salts and after washing there are no spots on the bodywork. Waste water is stored in the tanks and continually cleaned in a cleaning machine  and  reused.

Car wash  programmes :

  • High pressure rinse by clean water
  • High pressure rinse by soap water
  • Brushing with soap water
  • Waxing